ITNJ Przesłuchanie: Zbrojenie biosfery – szczepionki i depopulacja [EN]

This statement by Dr. Robert O. Young provides a brief history of how and why the State Department put him out of business and into jail, and addresses the responsiveness to his natural treatments for health

1hr 32m 10s – 1hr 38m 33s: Transcript.

Sacha Stone ITNJ Trust Emeritus : One question from me where does any synthetic molecule serve the living?

Dr Robert O Young : They dont.

SS : Right

RY : I mean none.

SS : And am I right in suggesting that a medicine by definition is something which contains synthetic molecules – something that is registered and patented and put into the market as a medicine

RY : Absolutely

SS : Right. So what I’m learning from you Doctor Young is that a quadrillion dollar enterprise is at work amongst us decimating, culling the human family

RY : Intentionally

SS : Intentionally – using synthetic molecules which by design are cancer aids…

RY : Its for the purpose of sterilisation and population control. Theres ‘too many people in the planet we need to get rid of’ in the words of Bill Gates ‘at least 3 billion people’ need to die so we’ll just start off in Africa and we’ll start doing our research there…

SS : And the multi lateral agencies and the health and regulatory, so called authorities and agencies appear in the main to have become weaponised and appear, I again use the word appear advisedly we’re not casting judgements here we’re taking depositions listening to expert testimonies, appear to be weaponised appear to be working in collusion against the living men and women of the soil is that a fair statement?

RY : It is. Its not a bacterial war its a systemic poisoning war and they’re using chemical warfare against all of us.

SS : Have you in your years defined anything close to the atom seed of who and what ‘they’ are? We know about the agencies we understand the acronyms but have you come close at all to identifying who and what they are

RY : I haven’t met these Luciferian people wherever they may be they hide because they fear the light of which I represent

SS : Thank you Doctor. Doctor Young Chief Justice and his grace I knew that would incite his grace chief justice please –

Sir John Walsh of Brannagh ITNJ Chief Justice : Now This is not a question. You said that you’d heard that there was basically a plan to eliminate a third of the population. A colleague – population of the world and that Africa was the main target…I just want to say that a colleague of mine and I make it clear when I say colleague someone I know professionally who is very highly placed he is not a friend he’s just someone I know who went to the conference at Davos just recently and the people that go to Davos are the architects and controllers of money and the politics of the world and he came back and he said to me that it is a definite systematic plan because they have worked out they need to get rid of at least a third of the people on the earth, and I said to him does that include me and he said no it doesnt include you because you’re of european stock

SS :Youre one of us?

RY :These are not my words these are Bill Gates’ words just google Bill Gates and depopulation and sterilisation and youll hear out of his own mouth the plan and if thats not enough for you then listen to Henry Kissinger and his words where he talks about how this is a win win situation and the mandation and mandating vaccines is part of the plan for depopulation…

SS : His grace had a question forgive me counsel

Bishop Ria El Assal ITNJ Commissioner : Not a question only words of encouragement Dr Young I will tell you later when we meet up after this session I have much in common with you I have been blacklisted for almost quarter of a century they tried to plant weapons in our home I was accused that I subsidised arrest and subversive activity different activites in Israel and the west bank and then I ended up invited by the different parties witnessing the nobel peace prize given to chairman Arafat Prime minister Rabin and later president Peres I was there almost all. Never lose hope. Youre going to win.

By Jurek R1a

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