Home office crime recording guidelines state, if the offenders are known, the force area for the location of the offenders will investigate the crimes. As they (The Government) are all London based we need to put the onus on The Metropolitan Police to investigate.
So, on Monday 19th we will instruct individual Metropolitan Police officers, whom we employ, to act lawfully, execute their public duty under oath and protect every Man, Woman and Child in the Country from harm, injury, loss, and death. They are employed by us, to act without fear, favour, or political interference independently of the Government and stop crimes being committed against us.


  1. Please print off the entire 44-page evidence bundle.
  2. Please add as much evidence of your own, relating to harm, injury, loss or death such as loss of business, mental health, health issues, lack of access to NHS services etc. as you wish to support your criminal complaint
  3. Fill in your name on PAGE ONE and sign and date it and get it witnessed at the bottom.


  1. When you hand to a police officer please complete their full name, rank and badge number in the space provided. Then hand it to the officer.
  2. Take a photo of the evidence being submitted.
  3. If you cannot make it to London, you can follow the same steps above at your local Police Station.

Crime Report:
PDF Documents:


Thank you for your continued support. Please bring a friend, colleague, family member or anyone else with you. In the meantime, stay positive, keep your vibration high and watch out for updates on The Great Re-opening and London Protest channels.

(NOTE – The above is intended for general information only, and should not be construed as legal advice or instruction)

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