No more waiting for your shopping cashback! Check it out!

JamDoughnut is an app that allows you to earn instant cashback when you shop online, in-app, or in-store with hundreds of leading retailers in the UK. Here are some key features of JamDoughnut!

Instant Cashback:
You can get up to 20% instant cashback on your purchases when you shop with various brands through the JamDoughnut app. Whether you’re buying groceries, dining out, or shopping for clothing and electronics, you’ll earn cashback every time you spend.

Guaranteed Payouts:
Say goodbye to waiting for months wondering whether your cashback has been tracked. With JamDoughnut, your rewards are paid into your wallet as soon as you make a purchase. 
No more delayed or missing claims.

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    Safe and Secure:
    JamDoughnut prioritizes consumer privacy. They don’t sell your data, store your card or bank details, and use secure third-party processing services with highly secure tokenization and vaulting systems.

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    Gift Cards and Budgeting:
    You can buy voucher codes and share them with someone for special occasions. Additionally, preload your favorite online accounts with your monthly spend and earn instant cashback each time.

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    Double Up on Rewards:
    Receive JamDoughnut Instant Cashback in addition to your existing cards and brand loyalty program points, allowing you to earn even more when you spend.

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    Referral Bonus:
    Every user gets a referral code. If someone registers with your referral code, you’ll automatically receive points (worth £4.00) added to your wallet once they earn at least 1,000 points and cash out for the first time.

      Ready to start earning cashback? You can download the JamDoughnut app here and explore all the exciting offers! 🛍️💰

      Remember, JamDoughnut is free to use, and you can earn when you spend with hundreds of UK brands. Happy shopping! 🎉

      By Jurek R1a

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